Sunday, November 4, 2012

RC2: Nighttime Photos

It's Sunday night, and we had a really full and fun weekend!  Not sure I'm in love with the time change yet; it will certainly take a while to become accustomed to the sky getting dark so early.

On the same topic, I brought the camera out at night most evenings of our trip, since I've been very impressed with its lowlight ability.  

Here are my favorite nighttime photos from our trip.   

On our second night in Paris, we scoped out a spot at Trocadéro to watch night fall on the Eiffel Tower.  My "photography assistant" was really patient as I worked and reworked the manual settings to try to capture scenes realistically and without blur.  As the wind picked up and raindrops started to fall, he held the umbrella over the camera and my head to keep us as dry as possible.

At the top of the hour there is a light show, and thousands of little lights flash randomly all over the tower, making it sparkle!

I posted one of these below in a previous post, but they are some of my favorite from the whole trip.

Notre Dame Cathedral after dinner on our first evening:

This next one makes me smile.  (He didn't know I was taking the picture.)  He seems reverent.

The sunset illuminating Beaune's Notre Dame Cathedral:

This water fountain in Lyon of John baptizing Jesus was beautiful.

Footbridge with the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière in the background, up on the hill:


One of Aix's hot springs fountains:

 The Palace of the Popes in Avignon:

K, D: I see your two rooms ("highest room/tallest tower")


  1. Incredible photos! Those Eiffel Tower photos are as good as I've ever seen. P.Dog

  2. I could look at these photos all day. Your photography is breathtaking!

  3. And just think - most of these were taken while in the grip of some SERIOUS food coma after a delicious dinner. It's a wonder you kept the camera steady.

    1. Food coma? No blame goes to the wine? :)

  4. I'm sure mine was the taller of the towers :)


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