Sunday, May 5, 2013

2012 Photobooks

In mid-February two packages arrived on our doorstep that I had been carefully tracking.  I was so excited for their arrival.

In the packages were these two photo books I had designed in the beginning of 2013. 

Since 2009 I have accumulated the best photos of the year and put together an annual photo album, and I have done the same for large trips we've taken.  Together with our wedding album and a fun trash-the-dress photo book, we have a nice collection of hard copy photography from our 3.5 years of marriage.  

It is satisfying to have the digital photos get used and displayed instead of dropping into the dark abyss of my hard drive never to be seen again.

I've used MyPublisher for all the annual and vacation books, for a consistent look.  They have been a pretty decent company to work with for the most part, though I can see myself switching to another company down the road if I find MP no longer meets my criteria or high expectations for the printing.  But for $45 including shipping, these are a perfect way to capture the memories on paper for now.

As I have mentioned in the past, this is my project at the end of December into January, and once I have designed the books, I wait until a coupon comes around and submit my order.  The right coupon (for free extra pages beyond their standard 20) popped up right before Valentine's Day, so I sent off my order (and received these on Valentine's Day, which made for a fun time to reminisce on our past year.)

Good print quality, good prices (when I use the coupon!), and great memories.  I'm already a little excited to think about what our photo book will look like from our upcoming trip!


  1. Beautiful work you do! Those are treasures.


  2. Wait - where are you guys going?!?!!?

  3. I certainly wish I could claim to be so organized and enterprising!

  4. Love it! I need to get on the ball and pull my photos out of the "dark abyss".


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