Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Zoo Two

Back in July we spent a long weekend in San Diego.  We watched fireworks, got in some beach time, and took our now-2-year-old nephew to the San Diego zoo again.  

The koala exhibit was brand new, and it was funny to see each tree with a single koala occupying each one.  

Little nephew loved the giraffes last time, and they were equally interesting (and interested in us) this visit:

We didn't get to see the orangutangs last time around, and it was quite a treat this time!  They were active and larger than I had remembered.

I can't complain about having the little guy around--it gives us a good excuse to visit some fun kid-friendly places that also are captivating for adults, too!


  1. More amazing photos. Thanks for sharing!


  2. You can quit your day job anytime. Great photography!

  3. Great photos and memories of a fun day!

  4. At least there weren't any kids angry about being called babies this time. ("I'm not a baby... YOU'RE a baby!")


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