Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Point Bonita Lighthouse

We're in between storms here in San Francisco, but that's not stopping my from posting about a recent adventure during nicer weather.  We finally made the visit to Point Bonita Lighthouse, one of our last remaining stops on the Golden Gate Recreation Areas map.  

Almost a year ago I mentioned the lighthouse was closed due to very necessary repairs to the suspension bridge that connects it to the mainland.  When it reopened in April, we never seemed to be free on the sunny and clear weekend days, and clouds always rolled in on days we had time to go. 

Finally, at the end of October, we picked a clear day and were looking back on this city view after just 15 minutes:

The last time we tried to visit Point Bonita, we instead experienced socked-in fog on the black sand beach, which I posted about here.
What a difference some sun makes, huh?

Lots of marine life activity that day

The brand new suspension bridge

The view North towards Mount Tam

The view South: the Cliff House and Ocean Beach

Point Bonita in the background and military lookouts on top the cliff

Beautiful day for a hike, and worth the wait!


  1. The new bridge is beautiful! The old one was scary. Great photos! How long should one plan to spend on this outing?

    1. If you just hike out to the lighthouse, it only takes about 30-35 minutes each way. But we then hiked around in Marin Headlands a bit after that. So pretty!

  2. You guys sure picked a great city to live in. Beautiful photos of a wild and beautiful place. RtT

  3. Not surprising that it took so long for a clear day to go see it - that's why they needed a lighthouse there so badly!

    Great views when it's clear!

  4. So glad you guys finally made it!!

  5. So glad you guys finally made it!!

  6. Wow. Your pictures look so professional! Are you sure you didn't put a filter on them? : )


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