Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Our flight from San Francisco to Paris back in October left at 7am.  We were up that morning well before sunrise in order to get to the airport early, and before leaving, I cut up every last piece of fruit in the house and packed the make-shift fruit salad into a gallon-size ziploc to eat throughout the morning.  It was a little unusual, but it worked.

Then I noticed THIS across the terminal:

Is that...?

A watermelon.  A whole, uncut watermelon.  The guy carried it like a baby through the terminal, no big deal.

Then my next glimpse:

A watermelon for two.  Excellent terminal breakfast.
(I wonder what comments he got bringing it through security?)

Puts my gallon-ziploc fruit salad to shame.

Happy Wacky Wednesday.


  1. Hilarious.
    Happy wacky Wednesday 12-12-12.

  2. That's California for you: fruits and nuts everywhere you turn.


  3. Seems like the liquid content would exceed 3 oz...good thing you followed the rules and used the ziplock bags!

    1. HAHAHA. Yes, I am a rule-follower.

  4. I would have loved to see the idiot TSA "officers" deem the watermelon suspicious and ask to see inside.


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