Wednesday, June 19, 2013

RC3: Amalfi to Santorini

On the last morning on the Amalfi Coast, we left our cute Positano hotel early to begin a 7-stop trip to get to Santorini Island, where we were heading to celebrate our good friends' wedding.  We were sad to leave Positano and the gorgeous coast, but it was nice to know we still had a fun weekend ahead of us.

Positano to Sorrento to Naples to Rome to the Roman Airport to Athens, where we spent the night at an airport hotel, to Santorini the next morning.  Our flight left at 5:30am from Athens, so we got to watch the sun rise on our flight.

It was windy when we arrived in Santorini, and a little chilly.  But we overlooked this when we saw the breakfast the bride had ordered for us, in anticipation of our early morning start!

Greek omelets = our new favorite.

After a few hours to get situated and catnap, we met up with the rest of the wedding party for a boat cruise around Santorini's caldera.

We boarded the pirate ship and set sail for a swimming hole with hot springs.

Check out that water color. Bubbles rose up from the bottom, indicating the warm pockets of water caused by the hot springs.  The red clay sand was more slimy than usual was so weird!

The middle island in Santorini's caldera is a volcano.  Some parts still have no plant growth and look like fresh, black lava.  Other parts have some plant life, with sharp teeth-like points popping up:

We anchored down off the coast of Therasia, another island on the outer rim of the caldera.  The water was so deep blue and clear--we could see nearly to the very deep bottom.  The water temperature was perfectly refreshing (island air temperatures were in the low 80s while we were there.)  

We dried off and enjoyed a traditional Greek feast--spanakopita, tzatziki, baba ganoush, Greek salad, grape leaves, sausage, and local wine.

After lunch, we finished the sail around the island--Oia, the largest and most recognizable town, above and below.

Greek dancing commenced.

We ended the cruise in Thira, with just enough time for a quick nap before the rehearsal dinner festivities began.

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