Tuesday, June 11, 2013

RC3: Positano

After a few relaxing days in Sorrento, we took a bus to the Amalfi Coast, to the town of Positano.

The bus ride should probably qualify as one of the greatest adventures of the trip.  It was windy, fast, and included a really, really steep drop-off from the narrow roads we were on, down to the water.

Upon arrival in Positano, we walked downhill on the hairpin roads that overlooked the beach and town built up into the surrounding cliffs.

We dropped off our bags at the amazing hotel Montemare and admired these views from the hotel before hiking down to the beach.

Clouds rolled in and out while we snacked on our Italian favorites--baguette, scamorza, proscuitto, and Peroni (we struck out in finding Moretti anywhere else on the rest of the trip!)

The rainclouds finally won, so we strolled back to our covered patio with a bottle of wine and watched the rain.  After the sun set and the sky cleared a bit, we wandered out to dinner nearby.

 It was a gorgeous night.

Complete with fireworks!

We had an awesome meal that included grilled octopus, a whole roasted fish, spaghetti alle vongole, and tiramisu.  All the amazing food we ate on the trip inspired lots of creativity in the kitchen.

The next day in Positano was one of my favorites of the whole trip.  Details next time.


  1. Nice! I remember standing on the same little stretch of beach 1 year ago :)

  2. Good times! These photos take me back - I miss it already.

  3. Another great adventure, and more fun photos!


  4. Officially on my bucket list. This was an amazing trip; can't wait for the next "chapter"!


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