Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Irish Beach

As mentioned, we spent our anniversary weekend holed up in a Beach House in the tiny TINY town of Irish Beach, on Northern California's Mendocino Coast.
It was a fantastic weekend.

The weather for most of the weekend was perfectly foggy.  Can't-see-100-yards-in-front-of-you foggy. We were prepared for that kind of weather, though, so we reveled in it.

We walked on the beach with coffee in the morning (read: my "happy place"), we listened to music, read books and magazines, built a fire, laughed a ton, sang loudly and played the guitar, considered investing in beach-front property...

...explored the beach house and found awesome gems like the book below...

...popped a bottle of our wedding champagne (along with several other local liquids)...

Honeymoon cocktail recreated

...wandered around the first night with nowhere to eat dinner since all the places closed at 7pm (so funny!)...finally found an Indian Casino, ate dinner, lost $1 in betting...

The next night we were better prepared and found a cute market where we bought all we needed for a home-cooked beach house meal.

It was so refreshing.  I want to go back.
Cheers to four years!


  1. Those are such pretty pictures! Sounds like the perfect relaxation spot. Cheers!!

  2. There is nowhere I'd rather be than back there right now. Great pictures bring back great memories.

  3. Sounds like a really nice getaway.

  4. This looks like it was a great trip! I am excited to see some of W's meals :)


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