Monday, August 26, 2013

Muir Woods Hike

August is almost over, and I am getting antsy for summer to come to San Francisco.  We've had a characteristically foggy June, July, and August; but if September and October are anything like in years past, we should have some nicer weather to look forward to.
Foggy adventures are still kinda cool, though, so these are some photos from a foggy Sunday a while back, when we swung by one of our favorite Muir Woods hiking trails--the one where fog seems to wind its way through the huge redwood trees.

The trails were empty, and we ran into two turkeys.  

One flew into the tree, which I understand is rare.  Turkeys don't like to fly.

Towards the end of the hike, the sun ended up streaming through the trees:


This woodpecker was knocking so loudly, I mistook it for construction noise at first.

Moss only on one side:

The bonus to foggy weather is empty hiking trails in the Headlands and Muir Woods!

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  1. That was a sweet hike. But turkeys are just fine flying - they do it every night to get up in trees. But it's true they'd prefer to run unless they have no other options.


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