Friday, September 13, 2013

San Francisco Snapshots 1

In the two years since we have lived in San Francisco, we have explored so many small corners and larger icons around this city.  In this week's post where I placed photos around the map, it was interesting to see photos land all over the city (and I had 100s more I could have pasted).  But now I'll zoom in a bit.  
Today, photos of the bridges.  The Golden Gate bridge is obviously my favorite--and the city's icon--but the Bay Bridge is pretty spectacular, too, and a new half of the Bay Bridge just opened less than two weeks ago (still need to check that out!)

Day and night, fog and sun and sunsets:

If you are visiting San Francisco, biking across the Golden Gate bridge is a pretty awesome experience.

The new wing of the Bay Bridge has biking and walking lanes.  That could be an interesting adventure!


  1. What a variety of bridge views! And they're all spectacular.

  2. I especially love the one you took on the salmon boat and the one with the sunset and cool-looking clouds.


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