Tuesday, September 17, 2013

San Francisco Snapshots 2

If you missed it earlier, we're celebrating two years of living in San Francisco.  This has turned out to be an incredible place for us to live and explore.
For this installment of snapshots, I am focusing on touristy sites that are fun for non-tourists as well.  We explored a few of these places with friends who were in town visiting, and for others, we donned overly-summery clothes, fanny-packs, and big cameras, and just tried to blend in with the crowd...


Ferry Building (the Saturday morning Farmer's Market at the Ferry Plaza is at the top of our list of favorites!)

Cliff House

Golden Gate Park

Coit Tower

Trolley Tour of San Francisco (The more authentic cable cars are fun too!)

Lombard Street

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  1. I love your photo of Lombard Street! Wonder how long those cars waited at the top to snake their way down the hill.

  2. Fanny packs, eh? Ice cream cones, also?


  3. I don't remember any fanny packs. I categorically refuse fanny packs.

    I think I see Scorpio cruising by in the background of the Buffalo Paddock.


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