Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coit Tower

One of the more easily-recognized towers in San Francisco's skyline is Coit Tower.  This past weekend we spent the afternoon walking over to North Beach (the "Little-Italy" part of the city), so that we could hike to the top and get a closer look.

The hike was not tough, but it provided some really nice views as we descended Nob Hill and ascended Telegraph Hill.

We passed St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church along the way...

And a cute Ligurian Bakery that sells only focaccia and closes each day when they sell out.  (They were closed this day.)

And some painted dogs...
And some ridiculous tourists on Segways.  One of them crashed trying to go up Telegraph Hill.

The tower was built with money left by Lillie Hitchcock Coit.  It stands 210 feet tall and resembles the tip of a fire hose nozzle.  Apparently that is just coincidental, despite the fact that Ms. Coit volunteered with the fire brigade throughout her lifetime.

The inside of the monument is covered in murals.  The murals have a working-man feel, which makes sense: the monument and murals were erected during the depression to create jobs.

Does anyone see Lucy in the back?
Making wine and dried apricots: two of my favorite things.
It was really windy up on Telegraph Hill, though clear enough to allow for some nice views.  The statue below is of Christopher Columbus, and Angel Island is in the background.

And after all that culture...we stopped at Rogue Brewery for a beer :)  The end.

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