Monday, January 9, 2012

Exploring the Neighborhoods

The past two weekends, we've spent some time exploring the different neighborhoods in the city.

Last week we walked down the Mission for a burrito lunch and ice cream.

The Mexican food at El Farolito was good, but the ice cream at BiRite Creamery hit the spot.

Coffee Toffee Flavor for me, Snickerdoodle and Brown Sugar for him, which we enjoyed while relaxing in Dolores Park.  It was sunny and relatively warm.  I keep finding myself surprised how pleasant the weather is, even in January.  I love it.

This past weekend was spent exploring North Beach, both restaurants and bars with one of our good friends.
After finding out that our first choice, Tony's, had a 2 hour 15 minute wait (what?!?!), we ended up at Firenze by Night for dinner, which was a great alternative.  Two bars and a late night slice of pizza (ironically, at Tony's pizza-by-the-slice next door to their crowded restaurant), we stumbled back home, proud of how many places we were able to hit in one night.

View of downtown a few evenings ago

The Italian food and fun cocktails inspired me to try to recreate some of those recipes at home, so stay tuned :)

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