Wednesday, November 9, 2011

San Francisco Trolley Tour

This past weekend, we went on a trolley tour of the city (part of a work function, but also good for new tourist-residents like ourselves.)
Starting in the financial district, we looped around the city for about 90 minutes.  Here's the tour in photos:

Our Trolley

Union Square
Fancy shops surround Union Square
The entrance to Chinatown

Catholic Church in North Beach (Little Italy)
The garlic restaurant. I need to go here:

Did you know that the title of this blog was going to be Garlic Breath, until I realized that name was already taken?! It delayed my blogging by at least a month. True story!

Lombard Street: the most crooked street in the world!
Fisherman's Wharf
An old favorite of my parents'--romantic story...

Gotta come back here for samples!

Alcatraz Island in the distance.  Presidio buildings in the foreground.

This is a surf break: Fort Point.  There was a clueless bodysurfer out that day.

I think I could give a pretty decent tour of this city to some visitors...

How long until we are no longer tourist-residents and we are just locals?

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