Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mt. Tam Hike

Our list of adventures we'd like to try in and around the Bay Area is long.  Might as well start knocking them off the list!

Sunday morning we woke up ready to hike, and Mt. Tamalpais was top of the list.  After a while spent online trying to decipher all the trails in the park, we had a general plan and set out.
Mt. Tamalpais State Park

Across the Golden Gate Bridge...

We started our hike from Muir Woods parking lot, and followed the Dipsea and Old Mill Trails to the Pantoll Ranger Station.

The first several miles were by far the steepest!

But the views were worth it!

That's the Pacific Ocean, with a layer of fog over it...

From the Ranger Station, we hiked another 4.5 miles to the top of East Peak of Mt. Tam, stopping for lunch along the way.

High enough to see over the mountain to the bay.  The city is peaking up over the mountain on the right!

Peaceful lunch stop

The views got better and better.

This structure marked the peak:

7.5 miles in, we reached the peak and had these great views:

Hiking down was much quicker, as it always is.  The end of the hike was marked with a stroll through Cathedral Grove, the impressive and beautiful redwood trees.

The hike ended up being 12 miles, and the very best part of it all was that we were only 20 minutes from home (and showers, drinks, and dinner).  I'm pretty satisfied with the proximity of "wilderness" activities to this busy city!

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