Wednesday, November 20, 2013

City at Low Light

I recently received a new camera lens for my birthday (!), and I have been studying up to learn the tricks to take awesome photos at low light.

In the mean time, these photos below are all with my phone--pardon the grain.  They were taken on morning runs and evening walks, when the city is sparkling at low light.  These are my favorite times of day.

On the way TO the grocery store:

And on the way FROM the grocery store:


  1. WOW!! These should definitely be framed/sold!

  2. Great photos of your great City. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the winter lighting and these photos. You should never be without your camera.

  4. ^^Agreed. After seeing what you can do with the phone camera, I can't wait until you start using the real camera for these!

  5. Really nice! What lens are you learning to use on your big camera? We have a lot of low light in the Copenhagen Winter


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