Monday, November 25, 2013

Lagunitas Brewery

There are a surprisingly large number of breweries in Northern California, and we've enjoyed visiting a number of them whenever possible.  Lagunitas, at less than an hour away, was calling our name.  A few weeks ago we made up an excuse for a visit. 

A hike in nearby Novato gave us an excuse, and 5 miles later, we walked into the Lagunitas outdoor patio.

We ordered a few samplers and got to try a variety of their beers.  It was a fun and relaxing afternoon!

Next time we'll plan ahead and attend a tour.


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  2. I bet you tried the Hop Stoopid since I think you are an IPA fan!

  3. How does the beer compare to some of your other recent breweries?


  4. Even got to try some of their wild ale. Great way to relax after a hike!


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