Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Finds

Happy Friday, everyone!

As I have done a few times in the past, I'm going to share some of my favorite finds from around the internet lately.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.


If I ever have a pool in my backyard, I would like it to look like this!

It's like swimming in the wilderness
And in my special pool, I would use this, of course.  
Why didn't they have these when my Mermaid-sisters and I were little??

I am trying to decide if these Nutella Brown Butter Chocolate Chip cookies will get baked and eaten tonight or tomorrow morning.  They WILL happen soon!

This is one of the most stunning ocean photos I've seen:
Incredible Shot
Some finger-lickin' football-watching food:

Buffalo Chicken Dip
The sweetest face this week:

Definition of Puppy Eyes

We have a little trip coming up, and I am collecting photography inspiration.  Love this shot.
Now this is the definition of multitasking!

I'd bring this to Bradway Oktoberfest if only I could get it past TSA:

My kind of poem!
What was your favorite find?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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