Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tahoe Ski Weekend

We drove up to Lake Tahoe over MLKJ weekend and spent a few fun days skiing and hanging out with friends in the cabin on the lake.  It was a mix of relaxing down-time and some pretty thrilling downhill skiing.

Saturday we skied at Homewood Mountain Resort, which is a smaller mountain immediately on the lake.  The views were incredible, and the thrill of the day was skiing down one run ("Glades"), which made me feel like the run would plant me right in the lake.  

Let's just say I didn't turn many times on that run.  I went straiiiiiight down.
I wish I had a photo of that view--it was pretty incredible.

Check out those icicles!

Sunday our group went skiing at Squaw Valley.  Squaw had a completely different feel from Homewood, and it's probably five times as large. 

Of course the mountain can handle way more skiers, but Sunday's 49ers game might also have also contributed to the lack of crowded slopes.  Overall, I was very impressed how little we were impacted by the holiday weekend crowds and traffic.  And SF is obviously having a good sports year!

To get to the top of the mountain, we rode in this gondola... the very top!  Look at the color of that sky.  Wow.

We started at High Camp, and I think we skied every intermediate at the resort that day, with a few other levels mixed in.

It was nice to feel comfortable on blues again.  Before last year, I hadn't been on skis or a snowboard in 10 years!  I had to get my "legs" back.  

I did get them back, and it was great.  I turned a few times, but what I really liked was going straight downhill--really, really fast.

We're hoping to hit the slopes again next month.  I'm looking forward to more fun ski weekends in our future!

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  1. I'm just glad you didn't show me tumbling down an afternoon run. More in the future!


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