Thursday, January 10, 2013

Golden Gate Recreation Areas Adventure Challenge: Update

Last April I posted about about the Golden Gate National Recreation Areas and said we had been challenging ourselves to cross off all of the areas as we explore and get to know our city.  Now that we've lived in San Francisco for more than a year, I'm back to review our progress and set our sights on future adventures.

Michael Schwab portfolio
At last review, we had visited 12 of the sites, though some were brief views on the way to other adventures. 


The two places I had most wanted to visit were Point Bonita and Marin Headlands. 

In November we finally had a free day with clear skies and explored the Point Bonita Lighthouse.  It was a relatively easy hike that led to gorgeous views and an impressive new suspension bridge.

As for visiting the Marin Headlands, we actually hiked and explored trails there a number of times in the last six months, in both fog and sun.

Other GGNRAs we had been to before, but we explored them again in more depth:

Muir Woods

Baker Beach

Fort Mason

Fort Baker (where we stayed for our friends' amazing wedding)

We've made quite a dent in the GGNRA adventure list, but there are still some sites we need to explore.
Coming up: Adventure Goals for 2013!


  1. I love your City, and all those outdoor areas that are so close by and within reach. Thanks for sharing those great photos of those great places.


  2. Our hikes seem pretty awesome at the time, but these great photos almost make them seem cooler.

    1. Yes, it's nice to have these reminders of great adventures! Love 'em.

  3. Wow! Your pictures are amazing! It makes me want to go on a hike when we come visit this summer.


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