Monday, August 27, 2012

Marin Headlands: Hill 88 Hike

Yesterday morning I woke up to blue skies, much to my surprise (and to the weather forecaster's too, I think!)  I had plans to explore a new hiking trail in the Marin Headlands with some of my favorite hiking partners: my parents!  They were in town this weekend for a fun family celebration on Saturday, and so we took full advantage of the sunny and rather warm weather yesterday.

I wonder where that trail goes?!
This is the third hike in the Headlands I've explored since we moved back to California, and studying the map made me realize I have so many more trails to try before I've exhausted this area.  However, today's hike--the loop around Hill 88--was by far my favorite.  It was strenuous and steep, and it covered a wide range of terrain.  The views from this hike were better than any other in this area so far, too.  You spend the second half staring over the cliffs at the Pacific, with views (albeit a bit hazy) of the city in the distance.

This route was a 5.6-mile loop from our starting spot at the Marin Headlands Visitor Center.  We followed the path around the lagoon to hop onto the Miwok trailhead, and then we hiked this loop counter-clockwise around the mountain, with perfect views of Rodeo Beach, the city, and the ocean at the end as we descended.  We couldn't have asked for more perfect conditions today.

Using this trail map, we hiked the Miwok Trail, Wolf Ridge Trail, Coastal Trail past the Battery Townsley and Headlands Institute, and then along the lagoon again back to the car.

Terrain change number three or maybe four?


Descending to Rodeo Beach.  A couple surfers out:

More photos tomorrow!

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