Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sunday Streets

The final day of our street festival trifecta was Sunday Streets in the Mission this past weekend.

Two years ago when we were visiting San Francisco we stumbled upon Sunday Streets in the Mission, and it was a gold mine of people watching and music.

This year was similar: fun music, good food (though I wished more street food trucks had parked along Valencia!), and lots of people biking, running, walking, and roller-blading.

There were a lot of "greats."

Great music:

Great local coffee:
Ritual (left) and Philz (right)
Great pelvis bike helmet (what?):

Great dancing!

Great dancing.  Yes, that was a choreographed rollerblading routine.  

This city is awesome.


  1. I think the hippie doing his stoned Phish dance to the accordion-and-washboard zydeco music was my favorite.

    1. This was so fun last year! I'm kinda surprised the Kennifer girls never had a choreographed rollerblade dance...dropped the ball on that one.

    2. Like I said in another post: People-watching is my favorite sport to do in San Francisco!

  2. Those photos sure do bring back great memories. That was only one year ago?

    1. Two years ago! That was so fun...


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