Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monterey Bay Aquarium I

I wrote about the Monterey Bay Aquarium before, when I posted about a weekend getaway to Monterey a while back.  We try to visit once or twice each year, because the exhibits' animals change frequently, and the sites do not get old!  A few weeks ago, we were able to pay a visit to some of our favorite sea animals, so I'm posting some photos of them here.

Like this otter--I could watch her and her friends all day.

That's the life!

The giant kelp is almost like a Where's Waldo page--the longer you stare, the more hidden creatures and cool fish you notice hidden away in this exhibit.

The first of the sharks:

The giant octopus rarely sits on display like this--usually he prefers to hide up in the corner, and all that can be seen are his tentacles...

Yes!  I said the right word.

Some Nemos and Doreys here:

These eels are pretty cool--they all have various jungle animal coloring!

Staring us down:

These were some of the biggest lobsters I've ever seen.  Maybe a close second to this guy:

But I always find myself back watching the otters.  They look so relaxed!

Another batch of aquarium photos to come!

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