Thursday, June 14, 2012

San Diego Getaway: Point Loma Seafoods

I couldn't complete my San Diego recaps without mentioning one of our favorite food stops.  Point Loma Seafoods is the real deal.  Fresh seafood everywhere you look.

Really fresh = alive.  This was the biggest lobster I've ever seen in my entire life.  Look at the size of his claw!

Next time we're in town, we need to think about making homemade sushi and sashimi.
I just noticed how many beers they have on tap.  Not sure how I missed that before.

I order the same thing every time I go: the squid sandwich.  They jam several enormous pieces of calamari steak in a light batter between two slices of sourdough bread with a little bit of tartar sauce.  It's a winner.  
We ordered to-go and feasted at home, so I didn't miss out on a beer, after all.  My in-laws take good care of me :)

Lots of boats

And a sea lion chilling.  

We have to go back soon!


  1. You left out the main reason that Point Loma Seafoods is so famous and amazing. It's because they had a dominant T-ball team, sporting the PL Seafoods logo on their jerseys in the late 80s. Also, one of the players on said team used to try to lift the lobsters up out of the tanks by their antennae without getting caught. That guy was the coolest.

    1. HAHA.
      Sorry I left out that part.


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