Friday, June 29, 2012

Ceiling Saga: Chapter 8

The first time I mentioned our apartment's ceiling leak was back in December, right before our housewarming party.
However, I actually noticed the leaking (and reported it to our landlord) even before Thanksgiving.  That means we're 8 months into the leak issue.

A refresher for you:

- In mid November, I notice dripping from the ceiling during relatively light rain.  Landlord comes a couple weeks later, tears out corner of ceiling to investigate, believes water is coming from a leaky pipe on the roof.
- Pipe is replaced.  It had lots and lots of holes (see right).
- Landlord finally does 1 of 2 steps to repair this hole.  I finish the job myself before party.
- Leaking continues, now believed to be a hole in the roof.
- Months go by, buckets are permanently left under this dripping area, and we relocate all the items from our built-ins so they don't get ruined.  Rain weakens drywall so much that a new hole in the ceiling, similar to this one, opens up on its own.
- More months go by (despite frequent calls on our end).
- In late April (a.k.a. 2 full months ago), landlord tells me he is giving up trying to find the cause of the leak and will fork over the money to have the whole roof replaced.
- May...
- June...

As I was getting ready for work one morning, a few things in the backyard caught my eye:

Yep, after 8 months, the landlord caved and hired a roofing company to replace the entire roof.
I came home that afternoon and found some interesting artifacts from the Victorian period:

That's the pipe they've been putting bandaids on for the last 8 months.  It was finally replaced!

The aftermath:

And finally, yesterday I came home to find the hole in the ceiling had been patched (not yet painted though...that will probably end up becoming my job in 2 weeks when I get frustrated with the landlord's slow timeline!)
New drywall and putty drying

 Here's to hoping this story has only 8 months chapters.


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