Wednesday, June 13, 2012

San Diego Getaway: Outdoor Wedding

In addition to visiting family, the other reason we were in San Diego was to celebrate a wedding.

The rehearsal dinner was on Coronado Island.  We were there at sunset, and the city looked beautiful across the bay.

We enjoyed appetizers, dinner, and drinks at the Italian joint Il Fornaio.

We reminisced about our awesome vacation to Italy last summer with our favorite Italian vacation drinks.

Due to the intense heat when we were traveling there last August, red wine wasn't so we opted for the much more refreshing Birra Moretti and white wine!

(Which reminds me that I want to recap that trip.)

The sun set, and the city lit up.

Dessert: more mousse!

The next morning, the groomsmen played a little golf before we headed over to the wedding site, the groom's parents' backyard.  The views weren't too shabby!

The main characters:

The decor was really pretty.  These orchids were submerged in water.  It was a bit hard to tell....until it got dark, and they lit up...

I thought this was a nice touch...someone was intent on partying all night.

The after-party took us to a penthouse suite in downtown San Diego....more awesome views!

Living vicariously through the bride and groom who are honeymooning in Maui.  

I'm off to check my vacation balance at work...

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  1. America's Finest City.
    Though you did mention both Italy and Maui - the 2 best vacations ever. Wouldn't mind another of those some time soon. I hope the vacation balance is high!


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