Friday, June 22, 2012

Virtual Dinner Party: Thai Chicken Pizza

Last weekend we traveled to Boston to celebrate the marriage of one of my loyal blog readers, Vron!  You may remember her from various Virtual Dinner Parties prior, or other embarrassing moments I wanted the world to see.

Well until I have the chance to sift through some of the photos from her joyful wedding, I am going to go back in time a few months to our last Virtual Dinner Party and recap our fun.

In true V.D.P. fashion, we toasted with a fun drink.

The difference in time zones posed a bit of a problem (her dinner time had long passed), so Vron worked hard on that bubbly while I quickly prepped the main course.

I started off with some whole wheat crust, spooned some of the sweet chili sauce over the crust, and layered the crust with sliced zucchini.

**My secret tip is to bake the crust for 2 minutes on the pizza stone before loading it with toppings.  It helps the crust stay nice and crispy.

Sprinkle the carrots, cooked chicken, and cheese on top, and bake for 8 minutes at the highest temp your oven can go. 

Two thumbs up for a balcony herb garden: snip a few cilantro leaves for garnish.  Peanut sauce for dipping is optional.


As always, the V.D.P. was a blast.
Now that our crazy travel month has come to an end, I am hoping to resume my dinner parties!  Calling all guests...

Pizza recipe adapted from Tasty Kitchen.

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