Friday, June 15, 2012

Lokos in San Francisco

Last night we had some very special visitors: the Four Lokos stream-rolled through San Francisco on their way north, part of their road trip across the country and back.  They've seen some awesome sights on the first half of their trip so far, and yesterday they fit in Alcatraz, some Mission grub, and craft coffee.  One day is not a lot to fit in such a great city, but they all promised to return.

We met up in time for happy hour (which turned into more than an hour) and compared and enjoyed several different breweries' beer.

I gave them a happy hour walking tour of some of the pretty sights at sunset time--the rooftop deck and the crest of the big hill I walk by each day.  Sights and tastes were enjoyed by everyone.

We weighed the options of dining out versus in.  The Four Lokos didn't get their name for nothing, so our rowdy crew opted to grill and continue the wild rumpus in a place where we wouldn't be kicked out.

Carne Asada and Chicken Fajitas

And chocolate molten lava cakes

And with that, the Four Lokos are off to Portland!

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