Tuesday, June 12, 2012

San Diego Getaway

I'm a little behind on recaps from the fun events of our crazy month of travel, but I might as well post some photos and get back to unpacking, laundry, and more packing :)

A few weeks ago we spent Memorial Day weekend in San Diego.  It was a great chance to see family and friends, celebrate a marriage, and revisit lots of old favorites from family vacations past.

The weather was warm and we took full advantage--breakfast by the pool.  Fresh-squeezed orange juice from the orange trees in my inlaws' backyard!

They treated us to a very special, early celebration of our wedding anniversary.  We enjoyed the charming Bleu Bohème French restaurant, with its unique decor and friendly staff. 
Candles dripping wax...

 A floor full of wine corks
Impressive collection!
 We started off with a huge pot of mussels to share, and then split a number of very delicious French dishes for dinner.

Our server surprised us with a celebratory dessert.  Chocolate mousse--the dessert we shared on the night we got engaged; incredibly thoughtful.

And a scoop for each year:
To Die For...
{Blast from the past: here's the homemade chocolate mousse I was surprised with--note the heart}
Don't be fooled by the size of this photo: this ramekin is 8 inches in diameter!
{He wasn't taking any chance of me saying no}
The next morning we cruised through La Jolla, allowing me time to reminisce from wonderful family vacations growing up.

La Jolla Cove: site of copious snorkeling trips, when we fed the Garabaldis frozen peas...

Here's the race start for the Annual Kentathlon Race in which we competed several years in a row:

Our go-to chapel when we were on vacation.  I have fond memories of masses here...especially the music!

We cruised through the UCSD campus, near the apartment where I lived the summer after my junior year.
From Scripps Institution of Oceanography
...and a stroll by Windansea to cap off the afternoon.  It was so good to be back.

More photos to share tomorrow.



    Lovely photos. Have a safe flight! Love, me.

  2. I finally get to see the SD chapel I have hard so much about!! :)


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