Friday, December 16, 2011

Ceiling Leak

Now that we are no longer owning, but rather renting our home, I appreciate the fact that if something goes wrong, you just call the landlord and it gets taken care of.

With that being said, the timing wasn't working in my favor, because at 4:50pm on a Friday several weeks back, I noticed water dripping from the ceiling right near the dining room table.  It was raining, so I attributed it to that, but I knew my chances of getting it fixed a few minutes before "closing time" were slim.
The hole in the ceiling was made after they came to investigate.
The dripping stopped when the rain did too, but it picked back up a few days later when it was sunny outside.  I made another call to the landlord to politely remind him of our leak, though this time I had a feeling we were getting some sewage leaking into the apartment rather than rain.  Sharing with him that lovely detail seemed to get the handyman moving, and the next day 3 gallons of roof cement were applied and this pipe was removed and replaced with one a bit more...solid.  Ahh, old houses.

We still had this pretty wall adornment though:

Well, you know how the saying goes: if you want something done, you'd better do it yourself.  Two weeks later, everything seemed properly repaired and dry.  After a bit more urging, they finally patched the drywall in the ceiling.  But by 3pm on Friday (the day before our housewarming party) with only primer covering the patch-job, I had a feeling our repairman was not going to come back to complete any touch-up painting before our guests arrived.

So I grabbed my paint-brush and left-over paint and put my old home-owning skills to work.  Much better now.

I guess it's nice that I don't have to do home repairs, but my absent-minded landlords don't seem to mind, either, when I take things into my own hands.

Edited to add: our oven and stove just died.  Ironic.  Time for a phone call.


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  1. That rusted leaky pipe is waaay worse than I imagined! Also, I know you are probably dying without a stove and oven :(


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