Friday, December 30, 2011

Golden Gate Bridge Bike Riding Adventure

We've been lucky to enjoy pretty nice weather throughout most of December.  Earlier this month we took a bike ride over the Golden Gate bridge and into Sausalito and Tiburon.  It was a beautiful day, we enjoyed spending time with our friend who was visiting from Southern California, and we got to explore two really cute towns on the bay.  

View of Fort Point and Crissy Field from the base of the Golden Gate bridge

Looking down from the bridge was really cool!  But I was too nervous I'd drop my phone, so there are no photos looking over the edge :)

View of the bridge from Sausalito
Both Sausalito and Tiburon are very cute beach towns.  I definitely want to go back for more thorough exploring another time.

After covering about 20 miles, our bike ride ended in Tiburon, at Sam's Anchor Cafe.  We enjoyed some beers and seafood appetizers out on the water deck while watching the sun set, after which it got a bit too chilly.

After moving inside for dinner, we enjoyed more great seafood and fun company.

The part that made this an "adventure" is that the ferry schedule was incorrectly printed, and we had already missed the final ferry back to the city.  Four people and four bikes definitely made us a wide load, complicating the situation.  After serious brainstorming, we were very fortunate that some friends were willing to come pick us up (in 2 SUVs) and bring us back home.  So our adventure ended around 9pm once we crammed our bikes into the cars and finally made it back home.  I slept well that night!

We'd like to do that same ride again, only next time we will come prepared with the correct ferry schedule.  Fun adventure, nevertheless.

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