Saturday, December 31, 2011

A (White) Christmas in Tahoe

Several months ago I suggested to my family the idea of renting a cabin in Tahoe over Christmas.  We could have a White Christmas!  We could go skiing!  We could create fun holiday memories in a new place!  They were on board, and we found a perfect cabin that comfortably fit all 7 of us, including my grandmother, who got her own separate suite (which got coined "the man cave" for some odd reason!).

The only part of the plan that didn't go as planned was the snow.  There was none of it at lake level, which is rather unusual for this time of year.

Northstar Ski Resort was making some snow, and enough of the runs were open, since the temperatures were cold enough so the snow that had fallen hadn't melted.  So we enjoyed a day of skiing before Christmas.  The last time I had skied or snowboarded was 10 years ago, indicated by the lift ticket from March 2002 still attached to my (sweet 90s) snowboarding pants!

We did puzzles, hiked, and even kayaked on Lake Tahoe on our last day, since we had such pretty weather.

Sunrise on Christmas Eve
Views of Lake Tahoe from our hikes

The hiking trails still had a fair amount of snow covering them.

I greatly enjoyed cooking in the large kitchen in our cabin, and I have a recipe to post from Christmas Eve breakfast that was incredibly tasty.

Hopefully we can head back up to snowboard again later this winter after the mountains get a bit more snow.  It was a great change from our normal Christmas routine, and the whole family agreed we'd like to return!

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