Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shake Me Some Coffee

Yay for the weekend!  I hope you're enjoying a not too hot (Chicago), not too chilly (San Francisco) weekend morning today.

We are anxiously anticipating Indian summer here in the Bay Area, when we'll finally get some warm and sunny days.  Last weekend, when we went whitewater rafting, we were reintroduced to 105 degree heat.  It brought back memories of our North Carolina summers, which I only miss because of the our friends and ridiculous summer activities, not the humidity.

The hot summer mornings, though, are good for iced coffee!  And when I came across this article about a specialty iced coffee drink, I was anxious to give it a try.

This is the shakerato, which the author likens to a foamy iced cafe latte.  (Um, awesome.)  And the prep is extra fun due to the use of a shot glass and cocktail shaker.

It requires your usual morning coffee ingredients: espresso, milk, and optional sugar, plus a few ice cubes.

As the article mentions, "The order of ingredients is important. You want to add the coffee to the sugar while it's hot so the sugar melts and doesn't stay gritty. You want to add the milk before the ice cubes to cool the drink so the cubes don't melt and and make it watery."

A few seconds of vigorous shaking before straining the ice, and you're left with a frothy iced latte:

It is refreshing and a cool way to mix up your morning caffeine hit.  I recommend you give it a try!

Have a great weekend.

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