Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

Have you heard of the flabongo?  (I know David has!)

Well, the inhabitants of this home have an interesting storage place for theirs, and I think it's quite a unique way to decorate the exterior of your house.  

Happy Wednesday!

What do you think this says about the people who live inside?  

I think this should be a caption contest!  Comment away.


  1. I had never heard of it. But I wrote a haiku (mostly for David and Will):

    Flabongo, my dear
    I would love a nice cold beer
    love, your engineer

  2. Maybe all who enter must first Flabongo a beer. (See

    1. Who is that goofball?

      /slowly tiptoes away

  3. -Pinky just couldn't take it anymore. The guilt over being passed around the frathouse was just too much.

    - "Honey, you put my flabongo away again, dammit! All these doilies and potpourri in here, and all I ask is for my flabongo to be on display!"

    - [from 50 yeards away] Hey, is that a Flabongo?!
    [This actually happened.]

    -"The party starts at 10. I don't remember what number my house is, so just look for the flabongo."

    -"As an interior decorator, I think this place needs a little splash of color and whimsy right before you come in. I've got the perfect idea."

  4. These are excellent captions, everyone! Props to Vron for thinking outside the box with a haiku, to David for digging up an embarrassing photo, and to Will for multiple entries.


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