Sunday, April 15, 2012

Marin Headlands

We didn't waste too much time between setting our sights on new local adventures and hitting the trails at Marin Headlands.  On Easter Sunday we awoke to pretty blue skies, when we had been expecting clouds, so a hike sounded especially fitting for our wide-open day.

Our intended route in the Marin Headlands was the Tennessee Valley Trail (a recommendation from my previous boss!), but we unknowingly pulled off of the road too early and ended up beginning our hike on a different trail head within the Valley.  However, since the trailheads were poorly marked, we only realized this a few miles in.  But it was pretty nonetheless, and now we have an excuse to return soon.

We started at the base of the Valley.

Our rather steep combo of the Oakwood Valley, Alta, Bobcat, Miwok, and Old Springs trails guided us through some pretty forested parts of the park before we emerged from the trees, able to see several miles in each direction.
Sausalito and Tiburon
The Bay and Angel Island

We could see the city and the Golden Gate Bridge peeking over the mountains...we felt high up!

We saw waves at Ocean Beach.

And interesting plants...

Our hike ended near the parking lot where we should have begun the hike--now we know for next time!  We finished with a short walk along the road, contemplating our destination for Easter brunch.  Since it was now after noon, we agreed we were leaning more towards a savory lunch than a sweet brunch, and after a quick Yelp consultation, we found ourselves in Sausalito at Fish.

Outdoor picnic tables, a view of the bay, IPAs served in mason jars, and fresh seafood.  This place hit the spot.

We ordered ceviche, which came with crispy chips.  This appetizer was incredible: fresh, a generous serving of fish, and lots of lime :)

Apparently I was pretty distracted when our crab roll and salmon sandwich arrived, because that's where my lunch photos end.  Suffice it to say, Fish made its way onto our list of places to take guests who visit us!

After relaxing and taking in the views for a while, we hit the road.  Our drive back to the city took us through Sausalito's cute downtown area.  And in less than 15 minutes we were back home.

It was the perfect Easter Sunday.

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