Friday, April 20, 2012

Glass Half Full

Happy Friday!

We're slated to have incredible weather this weekend.  I CANNOT wait to enjoy every second of it.

I leave you today with a thought I had yesterday morning.
Yesterday I moved my afternoon workout to the morning, so that I could be home right after work for a cross-country Virtual Dinner Party (stay tuned for that!  I need to finish writing it up.)  Before we moved, I used to workout in the morning instead of the afternoon at least once a week--often more; I loved the realization half way through the day--especially on a Friday--that I already had a workout under my belt and that my afternoon schedule was wiiiiide open.

But an early morning workout is...uh, early.  Now that I no longer have Vron counting on me to meet her on a dark Friday morning, I have resorted to bribing myself with the treat of buying coffee after those morning workouts.

So yesterday morning I ran and then showered quickly enough to hit Starbucks before walking into my office.
Does the Starbucks (or Peet's) person always ask you if you want room for cream?  Well, they always ask me that.  And I always say no, because I prefer drinking my coffee black...and I want my full hit of caffeine!  But they ALWAYS leave room for...air?  Why even bother asking me, then?

Exhibit A: "No room for cream, please:"

This photo is before I had taken even one sip.  Do they fill it an entire inch lower than the brim because they think I will spill it?  Nevermind the fact that I did spill it, but that wasn't until after this photo!  And I was walking fast!

It got me thinking about a conversation we had this past weekend.  Will told me that some company makes this ruler-type gadget that you can store in your wallet and pull out at bars to see how full they filled your pint glass of beer.  Extremely nerdy! How's that for a Friday Find?  But it is really irritating when you pay for a pint of beer or a Starbucks grande with NO room for cream, and you get only 80% of what you pay for.

By a stroke of luck, the beers we ordered at Beach Chalet Brewery last weekend were full to the brim!  It was so refreshing to get to choose whether to drink the top inch or spill it all over myself of my own volition :)

Cheers to full beers (and coffees).  Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. I always say no room for cream because they leave enough for me to add a little bit anyway! Who is training these Sbucks people??
    That ruler gadget is one of the best things I've ever seen, mostly because I can picture Will getting it out and using it at bars and breweries. And they saying, you take this back and don't bring it back until it is good and full. :)

  2. The beer gauge is a little depressing, though. It makes you realize how much you're getting shorted. For every 8 beers I order, I'm only getting 7! Can you believe that?!

    It is crazy that most beers are more than 10% low, though. This is a problem in addition to the fact that lots of 'pint glasses' aren't actually pint glasses. (They're often 14 ounces.)


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