Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ocean Beach and Brewery

We haven't been able to take advantage of the winter surf in San Francisco yet, because the wind has blown out the good conditions every time we think to check the surf reports.  So instead of getting into the water a couple weekends ago, we opted to walk along Ocean Beach and watch the storm surf and kite boarders.

Ocean Beach, with the Cliff House in the background
There were so many kiteboarders taking advantage of the wind!
The wind was perfect for all types of kites....

...but windier than we would have liked; the wind was blowing sand into our faces.
So we were easily convinced to check out The Beach Chalet.

I had seen this sign a number of times while driving near Ocean Beach, but it always seemed like a bit of a tourist trap, considering the name and the fact that it is connected to a Visitor Center.  But this was the first time I had seen the word "brewery" on the sign.  Cue newfound interest!

While there was quite a long wait to eat lunch, we had no wait to sit at the bar, which faced several of the brewing tanks.  
The taps:

We settled on the Presidio India Pale Ale and the Riptide Red Ale.  Both were excellent.
(...despite my distaste for the name of the Red.  Public Service Announcement: "Riptide" is a misnomer...it is 
RIP CURRENT.  Rips are currents, not tides! That used to drive me nuts when I was an ocean lifeguard.  And rips are great tools if you understand their mechanics...and very dangerous if you do not.)

The pints arrived filled to the brim, and they were refreshing.

A few sips in.  That top 10% tastes good!  Wish we had it more often.
The Beach Chalet has a wall of windows overlooking the ocean.  The other side, Park Chalet, looks onto Golden Gate Park.

And if you get tired of watching the waves, you can admire the sand art.

It was a good adventure!


  1. That sand art is so cool!!!!

    I wish I were in CA right now...

  2. What a cool adventure! It's been windy in Chicago too (surprised?), and I really wanted to fly a kite by the lake last weekend. The convenience stores don't have them yet, so I ordered one on Amazon and it should be here in time for kite-flying fun this weekend. Hope for wind!

    How do they make that sand art and who does it?? Crazy!

    1. The sand artist creates those designs often, from what I could tell! He sort of set up shop near the boardwalk on the beach, and he had pictures of his other creations (which seemed even more elaborate).

      What does your kite look like?? Remember that kite we always used to see flying that was a set of legs? haha

  3. What could be better than brews with a view and very cool sand art? Except maybe great surf...... Better head for your vacay house....


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