Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Virtual Dinner Party 3

Virtual Dinner Party 3 was not actually virtual...
Last night Juanita came over, and we had a real dinner party.  But I am still counting it.

Our menu featured chicken and spinach taquitos and cookie dough peanut butter cups: two recipes I had found earlier in the day that caught my eye.

Well, both recipes were really good.  What wasn't as good is how they looked, which is why I only have one photo.  But what they lacked in aesthetics, they made up for in flavor!

We followed this recipe for the taquitos (called "flautas" on this blog).  Chicken cooked in beer for flavor, with lots of spices and jalapenos.  These were crispy once baked and very flavorful.

They look good, right?  This picture is courtesy of our inspiration recipe.  Our flautas fell apart a little bit--possibly because we were in a rush to get food in our stomachs--but they tasted just as good.  We served ours with refried beans, salsa, lots of lime juice, and a side of asparagus.

After watching KU lose to UK in the NCAA championship, we mustered up enough energy to jump in on dessert prep.

Earlier in the day I found this recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Cups.  If that sounds like a mouthful, these were.  But the steps were pretty easy.
Unfortunately (again), our end product didn't come out looking quite as nice, because I do not own a mini muffin tin that would have acted as a mold; but I did use mini Easter cupcake wrappers for mine!

Once again, I am using our inspiration blog's photo, since ours didn't turn out as aesthetically pleasing.

But our inspiration blog forgot to add sprinkles and make extra large versions with the leftover ingredients.
So Juanita fixed that situation:

Now these...they are ridiculously good.  

Both recipes will make their way into my normal rotation.  The peanut butter cups are best stored in the freezer, so be prepared to try one if you happen to be a guest stopping by my apartment....


  1. Jealous I couldn't be there. I'm not sure what you two would have eaten after I finished off the rolled tacos.

    And you've gotta love that the only way to beat a Reese's was to involve cookie dough.

  2. Well, I can now attest that those Reese's doughy cups are the 2nd Greatest Breakfast Ever. (It would have been first if the breakfast had involved bacon and bacon products.)

  3. Neil and I made the taquito/flautas in Madison last night. SO yum!! Great success! Have yet to tackle the PB cups.

    P.S. Leftover shredded chicken and fresh baby spinach make a great chicken salad sandwich for lunch the next day!

    1. Great--glad you liked them! They are kind of a fun way to mix up regular burritos. I love leftovers--good job repurposing them!


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