Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lacrosse Fan

One convenient outcome of our cross-country move is that, after 9 years of living on opposite coasts, I now live 4 blocks from my best friend from middle and high school.

Bestfriend's name on this blog will be Juanita, for the sake of privacy (ha).  "Juanita" because that's the name she picked in 5th grade when we all had to choose an authentic name in Spanish class, and also because that's what I still call her 80% of the time.  She calls me by my Spanish class name about 90% of the time.  Apparently, Spanish pseudonyms die hard.

In addition to working her full-time job, Juanita is also the head coach of a college women's lacrosse team.  I had been really anxious to watch her team play now that I live close by, and finally last weekend was the season opener.  It was sunny and warm, I had my fan t-shirt on, and her team kicked butt (obviously, because I was there cheering).

Team huddle: I am sure Juanita is laying on thick the pep talk right now.


 Juanita clearly has those girls disciplined and well-trained.  Physically, her girls had a dynamic offense while the opponent's offense was stagnant.  On defense, her girls were able to run down opponents from behind who were moving towards the goal and stop them.  They took calculated shots, only after a number of passes.  It was obvious Juanita is a strict coach!

A faceoff after a goal had been scored.
Her team won by 10.  I have a feeling it's going to be a successful season.

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