Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Favorite Ingredients

When we were bored one day, I challenged my husband to a guessing game.  I don't know how or why this is what I came up with, but I challenged him to select his five favorite ingredients--not meals, but single ingredients--and we would each guess each other's.  It required me to think about my favorite meals and foods and break them down to the ingredients and find the common denominators.

After a bit of deliberation, here's what I decided on for my top 5:


Sweet, savory, and cocktails.  I like it in everything!

I will eat this raw.  I think nearly all my readers know this :)

Pizzas, Bruschetta, Caprese Salad, Italian Food


I like it hot, iced, in smoothies, in ice cream and other desserts...


In everything. Period.

If I remember correctly, my husband successfully guessed only garlic and chocolate.  Poor showing.

I have a feeling you will see (or have seen) these five ingredients at a higher ratio than others!

For his favorite ingredients, the top five are:
Peaches, pork, beef, butter, and pork.  Yes, pork again-->He wanted pork to take up two slots.
Bacon, ham, pork chops, pork tenderloin, pork belly, pork sausage.  Is it a Southern thing he picked up while we lived in NC?  He really likes pork.

I think I guessed about 80% correctly, which is pretty good considering he bent the rules.

What are your five favorite ingredients?
Share your list in the comments section!


  1. We have a ton in common! I would say mine are:

    - chocolate
    - jalapeno
    - coffee
    - cheese (does this count as an ingredient? If not I'm putting "milk")
    - spinach

    Can't wait to "see" you tomorrow!

    1. Cheese definitely counts! That's probably #6 on my list...

  2. Can chocolate take up five slots? Well, if not:
    Uh, ..... Any fruit

    I guess sweet tops sour, bitter, or salty for me. Pretty telling.....

    1. It sounds like you have ice cream sundaes on your mind!

  3. I actually don't remember what my 5th ingredient was when we first did this. (It was probably something like sugar.)

    But on further deliberation, I amended it to include pork twice. Pork exists in so many forms, I felt like it was cheating to get both bacon and pork chops with only one slot on the list.


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