Thursday, January 31, 2013

Carmel Valley Hike

The last time we were in the Monterey area, our family hiked in Carmel Valley for the first time since I was young.  My parents know of a great trail off Holt Road, and so we packed up our hiking boots and the camera and hit the trail together.

The out-and-back was 6 miles of fairly hilly terrain.  Since we left in the late afternoon, most of our hike was in the shade, and it was a bit chilly.

After hiking above the tree line...

...the views started to become more expansive.

As we neared the peak, we could see out to the Pacific Ocean.

This trail offered different terrain and views from our favorite Garrapata hike--nice to see some other Monterey Peninsula sights!


  1. Like! Let's do that again.


  2. More gorgeous photos! Impressive elevation gain. Thanks for sharing---makes me want to lace up the hiking boots and go!

  3. Who're you calling a Mucklehead? : )


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