Thursday, October 27, 2011

Prosciutto and Spinach Ravioli with Garlic Butter Sauce

Week 43 is my first week back on track with the New Year's Resolution I mentioned.

In my absence from the kitchen (while all my cooking tools were boxed up), I had been saving recipes that caught my eye.  Enter: Pinterest, where recipe collection is very, very easy.

This recipe for Prosciutto Ravioli with Garlic Infused Butter from Iowa Girl Eats seemed like the perfect comeback meal to make for my little challenge.

Chinatown was a short walk away this past weekend, so I picked up a small package of Wonton wrappers in one of the markets.  (I found them in the refrigerator section, though the recipe I was following mentions that they can often be found in the organic/tofu section of a regular grocery store.  No wonder I had never seen them before!)

Mr. Sous Chef mixed the ricotta, chopped proscuitto, sautéed spinach, chopped garlic, salt, pepper, and an egg yolk together for the filling.

We scooped a teaspoon of filling onto each wonton wrapper, moistened the sides and folded them over.

Two-thirds of this recipe was frozen for later meals.  The rest we boiled until they floated, then removed them to the garlic butter bath.  They were good!

Note: the Halloween spatula is key to the sauce

With some Parmesan cheese on top

The jury is still out regarding the rating of this recipe (I forgot to ask for a review.)  I'll have to update later after I bribe him.

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