Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mount Sutro Details

I wrote yesterday about our Mount Sutro hike this past weekend, and today I'm posting a few pictures of details I noticed on the trails.

I mentioned the trail was muddy and the trees were dripping dew drops despite the fact that we've had no rain in quite a while.  The moss growing on the eucalyptus trees loved these weather conditions:

What's this?  Banana slug slime?

Bird eating a worm:

Peeking at our house through the trees, near the tall white building with the red tile roof:

Somehow I caught this bird mid-flight:

{Clearly I had fun playing around with my manual settings!}


  1. Gorgeous photos! I'd like to go on that hike with you!

  2. These photos are great! There was so much cool stuff on that hike.

  3. Sign me up for the Mt. Sutro hike, with guides S & W!


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