Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our New Hangout

Last Friday we finally found ourselves back in town with a free evening for a new San Francisco adventure.
I have had one place in particular on my radar ever since it opened, and this was our chance.

After a stellar Peruvian dinner at Limon in the Mission, we ventured a few blocks further to Southern Pacific Brewing.  This brewery opened in an empty warehouse, in a quiet part of the Mission neighborhood.  But both those qualities turned out to be big positives for us.  They've done a wonderful job converting the warehouse to an airy, modern space; it was plenty large to accommodate quite a crowd, yet partitioned off so it didn't feel empty.  And though we didn't drive that night, there seems to be ample parking opportunities, which are often hard to come by in the Mission.

via Yelp
The brewing happens in the back section of the warehouse:

And there is plenty of outdoor seating in addition to the tables inside:

This brewery gets its name from the Southern Pacific Railroad line that passed through the Mission back in the day, and it's an ode to the Broadway Brewery that operated at nearly the same location a century and a half ago.

We sampled three of the beers they brew in the back of the warehouse:
  • Extra India Pale Ale
  • Amber Ale
  • Pale Ale
Unfortunately, they didn't have their standard India Pale Ale on tap that night.  I forgot to ask if they served samplers, because their other house brews sounded wonderful as well.  (We will be back!)

I am often a tough critic on new breweries, since it always seems to take a while for the brewers to get their sea legs and produce consistent quality in high quantity.  However, we were very impressed with all three styles we tried.

More seating on the second "floor" of the loft
I'm thinking of four family members who will be dragged to Southern Pacific Brewing the next time they visit us in the city....get excited.

And for my friends: maybe this is the bait you need to book your next vacation!

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