Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

Well, I think the greyhound has finally run out of fancy party hats.  In the window of the dress shop, she has been replaced by mannequins dressed in vintage Fourth of July outfits.  However, when I walked by the store the other day, I noticed the greyhound has a bulldog friend who gets placed out front during opening hours:

The best part of this new development is actually the stare-down that was happening once I zoomed out:


Happy Wednesday.


  1. I like how the little, wimpy dog seems unworried. It's more of a "how dare you look at me, you lowly mutt. I was just enjoying my organic vegan dogfood." While the fake dog is just fake.

  2. Love it! Keep this Wacky Wednesday posts 'acoming!


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