Friday, February 15, 2013


Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day yesterday!
We settled on a repeat of last year's home-cooked celebratory meal, since it had been one of 2012's top-ten meals: surf & turf.
We seared sea scallops and ribeye steak, with a key lime pie to round out the evening.  It was excellent.
(Thank you, Kat, for suggesting this great recipe!)
Our TENTH Valentine's Day (!)

I'm very much looking forward to the three-day weekend ahead of us.  Not many plans aside from Almanac Beer Co's Butchers and Beers event tonight!

I'm happy it's Friday, and that it will be sunny and 70° today.  Keep rolling towards Spring!

Happy Friday!


  1. Your dinner looks awesome! Are those shrooms on the steak?? Yum!
    I can't believe it was your 9th Valentine's Day! So sweet! Love my big sis and bro!!

    1. Yeah, sauteed mushrooms!
      And whoops...I just recounted, and it was our 10th V-day! In 2004 I had an away tournament and he hid a Valentine in my overnight bag, which I didn't see until the next day, Feb 14th. We went ice skating when I got back into town :)

  2. Happy 10th Vday to our favorite G's! We love you guys!



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