Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekend Recap

Scenes from the weekend:

G and A came to visit this past weekend.  We packed an incredible number of activities into two days, yet we somehow came out feeling pretty relaxed.  We had the best time together.

In just over 2 days, we covered via car/foot/square-inch-of-stomach-space:

Presidio for brunch
Inspiration Point/Immigrant Point Overlook
Sutro Baths, Lands End, Cliff House, Ocean Beach
Golden Gate Park & bison paddock
Union Square and the Financial District (with a peek at the views from the tallest building in the city)
Irish Bar #1
Drinks on the bay in SOMA
Dinner at San Francisco's oldest restaurant
Irish Bar #2
Coffee and breakfast at the Ferry Building
Golden Gate Bridge
Marin Headlands
Pacific Heights
Fillmore District
Noe Valley

It will probably take me the same length of time that they were here as it will to write about our fun adventures.
One thing's for sure: we have settled on several excellent San Francisco favorites.  It is so fun to have visitors who we can introduce to these great spots.

It doesn't hurt that we had perfect weather.  I am ready for Spring!


  1. An amazing weekend.

    I will echo the comments from Sunday night.

    1: "We ate like kings!"
    2: "We ate like fat kings!"

  2. The coffee is beautiful. The bridges are beautiful. The itinerary looks like you needed lots of coffee! Packed it in....so fun!


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