Friday, February 22, 2013

Taco Shop Hopping

Happy Friday!

This short week flew by--I'm glad another weekend is almost here.
Last weekend's extra day allowed for plenty of downtime and adventure around here.
Friday night we attended Butchers & Beers, a San Francisco Beer Week event down in the Mission, hosted by our buddy's Almanac Beer Company.

Saturday we were extra lazy until we geared up and went bodysurfing at Ocean Beach.  The water temp must have dropped 10 degrees since the last time we surfed.  It was really, really cold.

Sunday we took a day trip to Point Reyes to hike, eat, and explore--details to come.

Monday we wandered around the Mission and taco shop hopped to compare taquerias.  Specifically, we were out to find the best carnitas.  Though I think Will could have hopped all day, I tapped out after three taco shops.
Our consensus?  First prize for best carnitas went to Pancho Villa, second prize to El Buen Sabor, and third prize to El Toro (though their carnitas was still really good, and I actually thought their taco al pastor was my favorite bite of the day).  Since I was the weakest link and couldn't eat anymore after the three taquerias, we agreed that there will be repeat tests in our future.

We're heading back to Tahoe for some skiing this weekend with friends.
Hope you have a good weekend!

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  1. I'd love to know how El Ferolito ranks among the Mission taco shops. Another round of tasting is in order! Good job with three in one day, however.


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