Thursday, March 28, 2013

Muir Woods Tourist Club

Last Sunday turned out to be a sunny and warm day in the Bay Area, and after a relaxing morning, we were anxious to get outside and take advantage of Spring.  
This hike in Muir Woods caught our eye, since near the end of the trail, you pass The Tourist Club, a place recommended to us when we first moved here. 

The 5.5mi hike begins at Mt. Home Inn, off Highway 1 in Muir Woods, curving mostly downhill through redwood forests.

The views were so green and lush from recent rain.

These bottle-brush saplings were so unique.

The trail leads through Muir Woods' Cathedral Grove, home of some of the largest redwood trees around.

If you manage to weave through all the tourists at the Muir Woods Visitor Center, you pick up the Dipsea Trail and begin the uphill climb.  The views are worth it...

...but so is the Tourist Club!

We couldn't believe how many people were already enjoying beers, board games, picnic lunches, and the music here (the photo above was taken as we left--after closing time--but imagine a person with a pint or pitcher covering every inch of this place!)  We stepped up to the bar for beers and then settled at a picnic table overlooking the "stage" area where one of the members was trying to organize a German dancing lesson....hilarious.

We made friends with some cool fellow hikers, played battleship and Trivial Pursuits, drank German beers and stayed til they kicked us out after closing time.

We decided a mid-hike break like this is about as great of a Sunday activity as you can experience.

Another mile and a half, including plenty of stairs, and we were back at the car.

The drive back home across the Golden Gate bridge wasn't too shabby, either.

We're loving the extra hour of sunlight in the evening!

Whoever happens to be our next city guests will definitely get a trip to the Tourist Club.  Sign up now :)


  1. Take me to your Tourist Club. That's a lot of stairs to master after a few beers, however.


  2. How about not guests, but fellow SFers? I love that place!

  3. Sign me up! Your Inn may be booked for the next year, after this teaser-post. Sounds like a fun day.

  4. DIBS!!!!! I'll be arriving April 18, 2013. Please and thank you.

  5. I don't know when we'll make it out there, but you can put me on the growing list. I try to incorporate craft beer in all my tourism! :-)


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