Monday, March 4, 2013

SF Beer Week: Butchers & Beers

San Francisco Beer Week recently hit the city, and we were excited to attend one of the events--Butchers & Beers, hosted by W's buddy's brewery, Almanac Beer Co.

It was a Friday night, and the event was hosted across the street from Anchor Brewing Company, another SF landmark.

We ate all kinds of pork and sampled beers from seven local breweries.  Our favorites were Almanac's two sours and Drake's Hopocalypse.

Pork Belly with North Carolina style and Kansas City style BBQ sauce, pork sausages, and apple-bacon pies.

Pork belly, burgers, and the chicharrones were the highlights on the dinner menu.

Pork belly being chopped up for dinner

After eating (emphasis on after), Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats did a pig butchery demonstration, which was fascinating.

Pork chops and pork belly:

Here he is sawing the ribs between the different cuts.

They auctioned off the cuts at the end of the night and even offered instructions to those who wanted to smoke their own bacon or make proscuitto.  We didn't bid, but instead were drawn to a beer they paired with a chocolate malt macaron and thick chocolate malted milk.  This was an amazing bite.

We ended a great evening with chocolates that had beer and bacon in the ingredients lists!

Can't wait for next year's SF Beer Week.


  1. You guys know how to live. Another fun weekend in the City.


  2. What a fantastic event! Probably one of your favorite dinners ever?

  3. Butchery is blowing up! It's funny to me that some people don't want to know that meat comes from animals and some people want to hack the animals apart themselves. I hope L doesn't see these photos of pork belly, she loves bacon too much and it might ruin it for her.

    1. Ha--so funny! I was fascinated by the pig head but didn't want to post pictures here in case it was too much.


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